Walking in Circles Exhibition

Join us for a celebration of the walks and landscapes around the Helford river.

On Thursday 18th April the Greenhouse at Potager Garden will become a pop up gallery for the amazing work created through Walking in Circles so far.

Including drawings and photos from creative afternoons at Durgan and Nansidwell, leaf rubbings from Holifield Farm Project Gweek, clay prints from a children’s walking workshop, cyanotypes from Potager’s own garden, stained glass, sound scapes and much more…

There will also be an opportunity to feed into the exhibition as it’s taking place; with an art and crafts table and long roll of paper to make marks on with ink and natural paintbrushes.

Please share the work you’ve created inspired by ‘Walking in Circles’ and the natural landscape around you. Let us know if you have things on paper, prints or objects we can pin up, we’d love to show as many different responses to walking in nature as we can.

This is not a classic white walled exhibition, it will be an evolving, relaxed and collaborative event. So please come along and join in.

Come by whenever suits you, go for a walk nearby, explore the garden and share what you find with #walking_circles.

Get involved with the exhibition at the craft table and we’ll hang up what you create. There will be a ‘private view’ from 5 onwards with drinks and nibbles.

Hope to see you there.

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